1. Idea and drawing

The costumer presents his idea and we develop it taking care of the smallest details, trying to satisfy its demands.

Otherwise, the costumer might be interested in our jewelery catalog, that we renew every year following all actual trends.

Thanks to the work of the latest tecnologies with the traditional methods we are able to realize accurate drawings, suitable of the entire jewel’s design.

2. Creation

There are multiple ways to make a jewel, each one needs its precise tecnique: Protofusion is the prototyping with the 3D printing, used mainly for designing rings and jewels with or without zirconium; cut with numerical control machine is the procedure to create various types of designs on silver slabs.

We proceed using different sorts of tools and many tecniques, depending on the results we want to get.

«The goldsmith’s skills are fundamental for a unique and exclusive piece of work.»

3. Finishing and polishing

The jewels will be polished and finished with brushes to make them brilliant without imperfections.

The galvanic bath is fundamental to improve the color of silver.

4. Customization

In our laboratory we have a marking laser: we can guarantee you any inscription, trademark, logo to personalize your jewels.

Want to know more on how we create our jewels? We answer your questions